Countless giving individuals have contributed hundreds of hours of unpaid service for animals. Organising events, walking dogs, bottle-feeding motherless puppies and kittens, matching our shelter pets with the right prospective adopters, answering phones, and fostering newborn orphaned pets are just a few of the live saving efforts these wonderful animal lovers perform.
Background and history of LAP
Founded by Sheila McClelland, LAP became a registered charity in 2003 to bring about conditions whereby every animal has a good home. Going from strength to strength from our early days when we relied on a strong network of foster homes, LAP finally opened our first adoption centre in Tsuen Wan in 2015 and a second cat adoption centre at Sai Ying Pun in 2016. Through the dedication of our passionate volunteers, we are able to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate animals in need, as well as spread the word on adoption via humane education efforts.

We find homes for an average of 50 animals each month.
How our volunteers help
There are many ways to help us in our mission! From operations at our adoption centre to marketing and events, our team of multi-talented volunteers contribute in their own ways to help us do more good and get the word out! When filling out the volunteer application form, do let us know which areas you would like to pitch in. Below are some ways that you can consider! :)
Areas for volunteering
Marketing 營銷
Event Coordination 參與活動
Humane Education 人道教育
Fundraising 籌款
Graphic Design 平面設計
Photography 摄影
Volunteer Coordinator 義工統籌
Admin and Data Input 管理和資料輸入
Our dog adoption centre is located at Shop 1B, 187 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan (Allway Garden Block E), while our cat adoption centre is located at 11 First Street, Sai Ying Pun.

Ready to volunteer with us? Fill in the volunteer form (note we have two forms - one for dog adoption centre and one for cat adoption centre) and our volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you to arrange for orientation!