Dog Adoption Quiz

The Dog Test by "Pups 2 Luv"
Dogs bring companionship, fun and love to our lives, but they are also a big responsibility.

Deciding to add a dog to your family is a decision that should not be taken lightly. A dog can live 10-15 years - be sure you can dedicate that time to being a loving dog owner.

Depending on your lifestyle and your own current responsibilities, the adoption of a dog might be inappropriate at this time of your life. Here are points that your should take in to consideration before thinking of adopting a new pet.

Check the events that have occurred in the past five months, or that might occur in the next five months. Give 1 point for each occurence
Separation, divorce or end of a relationship Marriage
Move to a new city or residence Pregnancy or new baby
Working longer hours at work New responsibilities at work
Financial concerns Children leaving home or moving back home
Change in family routine Death of a family member
Death or disappearance of a family pet Given away a dog, or returned a dog to an animal shelter
Health problems of a family member Frequent travel
Limited personal time Graduating from school or college
Disagreeing with a family member about adopting a dog Add one point for every animal that you currently own
0 – 4 points You have a stable life. Now is probably a reasonable time to acquire a dog. 5 – 6 points You have many responsibilities at the present time but adoption of a dog might work for you.
7 – 10 points Think twice before adopting. With all the changes and responsibilities in your life at the present time you might not have any time to care for your dog. A dog is a high maintenance animal that needs your time and friendship. Also, as this is a new addition to your household, the first 6 months is a critical time; it is when bonding and friendships are created. 10+ points DO NOT ADOPT A DOG. It is NOT recommended to adopt a dog at this juncture of your life.