Shek Kwu Chau Project

SKC Project

The SKC Project is a collaborative effort between LAP and SARDA designed to give both people and dogs a second chance at life. With specialized training, focused rehabilitation and lot of dedication man and man’s best friend will work together towards a successful reintroduction into society.

When you put together two homeless dogs and some men determined to change their lives, what do you get? A win:win combination!

When LAP brought some beautiful homeless dogs from the foster programme to a SARDA [Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers] centre, the enthusiasm on the faces of the men and the happy responses from the dogs was instant.

The men are given the responsibility to live with, socialise and train the dogs and from them the dogs learn and are prepared for their future lifelong adopters. In return, the dogs give the men their affection and non-judgmental company. The future starts to look a bit brighter for both man and dog.

Rose Tang - Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviour Counsellor says: "LAP's foster programme and SARDA is a unique partnership, I was brought in to enhance this relationship with my expertise in current positive reinforcement dog training. Dogs don't care about money; they care about praise and food. Behaviours that are rewarded are statistically more likely to be repeated. I hope with this knowledge and experience, human and dog alike will be returning back to the community - a more positive, healthy, well socialized and well adjusted individual."

With the positive effect of this foster programme, LAP and SARDA will continue helping homeless dogs and help them find their lifelong homes. New Beginnings And a Fresh Start

LAP is an all-volunteer charity established 18 years ago, gaining full charity license in 2003. It is run as a foster network without kennels or staff. Our aim is to find homes for the abandoned and neglected companion animals in Hong Kong. We hope to expand our foster network and encourage more people to adopt, rather than buy their companion animals from pet shops and breeders.

To find out more about this programme or how you can help, please contact Sheila on 64771492 or email her on [email protected]

Training Day

Today proved a fantastic success for both our SKC friends and their 6 canine companions from LAP. Together they learned about basic dog behaviors and dog training principles like the “sit” command and loose leash walking. We were lucky enough to have the help of one of LAP’s experienced fosters to run them through basic dog care and general hygiene – very important components in keeping everyone happy and healthy!

It really was a great session for everyone involved – even the grumpiest of girls, Carmen, decided to be friendly and gentel. Lured by delicious treats she came to greet us and gave us special doggy kisses after an A-grade performance in obedience training! After such a fantastic day we are confident that the benefits of this program are going to be enormous, for both human and canine. Trust, companionship and awareness are just some of the wonderful things we are starting to see.

- Joanne Law (Dog Trainer)

LAP Volunteers continuing their efforts

Our LAP trainer JC went to SKC to deliver dog behavioral training. The dogs were very happy and contented.

The Trap Neuter Release (TNR) project of cats on SKC is under way. Homeless kittens who were found earlier on are now rehomed.

Carmen the black dog who had serious skin problem is now receiving treatment and improved significantly.

May 2018

Wa Nui, the Goat who was lame NOW walks again

With everybody's generosity, LAP was able to send Wa Nui, the goat, who was unable to walk due to overgrown hooves and white muscle disease to the vet. She is now under the foster care of our Founder Sheila on Lamma Island. Having walks everyday, Wa Nui is slowly building up muscles and becoming stronger. Her old days of pain and sufferings are now behind her and she's brighter than ever!

LAP as its name suggested (animal protection), we protect not only dogs and cats, but animals of all shapes and sizes. When the staff and patients on SKC were concerned and did not know how to help Wa Nui, LAP offered to help her.

Animal protection for life!

July 2018

To help LAP maintain the SKC project please donate and assist with dog food and sponsorship for the SKC dogs.
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