LAP Foster Questionnaire

Thank you for offering to foster a dog/cat/puppy/cat/kitten for LAP. There are different types of fostering, so to help us would you please complete and return the attached questionnaire:

  • Name:
  • Tel:
  • Email:
  • Address:
  • Who would be responsible for taking care of the dog/cat?

  • Do you have a helper? Full or part time?

  • For how long would a dog/cat be left alone every day?

  • Size of home:

  • Number of people living there:

  • How much exercise could you give a dog?

  • What size of dog could you foster?

  • What age of dog/cat?

  • Which animal are you‎ looking to care for? (pls provide name if applicable)

  • Do you have

  • Could you

  • For how long could you foster? (until the dog/cat finds a lifelong home?)

  • Are you willing to show the dog/cat to prospective adopters?

  • Would you be able to take a dog/cat to the vet if necessary?

Terms and Conditions

As a volunteer foster caregiver for Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (Herein Referred to as LAP), I agree to the following terms and conditions for the animal(s) for which I will be providing foster care:

Medical Needs:

  1. If the foster animal is in need of veterinary attention, shows any signs of illness, or is lost or injured, I agree to immediately contact LAP. All medical treatments must be authorized by LAP in advance. I understand that LAP will make decisions about veterinary care to be provided to the animal based on the prognosis.
  2. I agree to properly administer any required medications to each animal.
  3. I understand that LAP will inform me of any known medical conditions with the animal(s). However, LAP cannot be responsible or liable for any unforeseen health problems. I understand that I will be responsible for any veterinary treatment for my own pet(s) that may result from exposure to foster animals.
  4. I agree to transport the animals back to LAP or to LAP preferred vet for vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, or other scheduled vet appointments.
  5. I understand that the animal(s) I take home may or may not have been fully vaccinated depending on individual circumstances. LAP will inform me of the dog/cat’s particular health and behaviour status and what, if any, medications are required. In all cases, please consult LAP before taking a dog/cat to the vet as we have preferred clinics that we use.

In-Home Care:

  1. Everyone in the household knows about, and agrees to, having the animal(s) in the home.
  2. I agree to provide daily food, fresh water, and a litter box (for cats) at all times. I also agree to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness in their living environment. I understand that I am responsible for purchasing pet food for my LAP foster animal(s). I also understand that if I am fostering an LAP cat, that I will be responsible for purchasing litter.
  3. I understand that LAP will not cover grooming or other non-essential costs.
  4. I agree to provide attention and affection to the animal(s).
  5. I agree to keep the animal(s) indoors. Dogs must be on a leash at all times when out of the house. Cats must be transported in a secure carrier.
  6. In the event that the animal(s) gets loose, I will contact LAP immediately.
  7. I agree to provide updates on how the animal(s) is doing should an LAP representative contact me. I am also willing to allow an LAP representative to visit my home at a mutually convenient time.
  8. I assume full responsibility for any property damage the foster animal(s) may cause.
  9. I understand that it is my responsibility to determine or learn the temperament of the animal(s) I am fostering. LAP has no way of knowing the temperament of most of the animals going into foster care. Therefore, I agree to use due caution when first handling the animal(s). Further, I am fully aware that any dog may bite if provoked. I agree to never allow any stranger or child to be near the animal(s) until it is trusted, and will never allow another adult or child to threaten, squeeze, poke, step on, or otherwise pose a perceived threat to the animal(s).
  10. IF the animal is determined to be a biter or a bite risk, I will contact LAP immediately for further instruction.

Returning Animals to LAP:

  1. If I am unable or no longer want to care for the animal(s), I agree to contact LAP immediately. LAP agrees to accept that animal(s) back upon request.
  2. I agree that LAP representatives may remove the animal(s) at any time for veterinary care, adoption, or any other purpose.

Finding Homes for Animals

  1. I understand that I may help find suitable permanent adoptive homes for the animals, however;
    • Approval must be gained from LAP before a potential adoptive family meets the animal(s).
    • All adoptive families must complete an adoption application and be approved by LAP.
    • All adoptions must be processed through LAP.
    • All animals must be spayed or neutered by LAP and before adoption is finalized. If in any case the animal(s) are not neutered or spayed, the adoptive parent must be willing to bring the animal back for operations when requested.
  2. If there is interest in one of the fostered animal(s), I agree to transport the animal(s) to LAP for a meeting with the potential adoptive family.
  3. I understand that Under no circumstances must a foster dog/cat be given to anyone else without prior approval from LAP.

I understand the terms of this contract and agree that it is in the best interest of the animal(s). I will abide by all of the conditions stipulated. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Lifelong Animal Protection Charity Ltd and its representatives, volunteers and its agents from any and all liability arising out of or in consequence of injury sustained as a result of any activity connected with fostering animals for LAP. This application and all paperwork associated with the fostering of any animal(s) from LAP is the sole property of LAP.

Applicant Signature / Initials